Alise Eastgate is an Oakland based painter, designer and muralist. She was born in the late 80’s on an air force base in England. Born to and adopted by interracial, multicultural couples, her identity, like her art, is colorful, layered and ever-expanding. After a few years in England and then Germany, Alise spent most of her youth growing up in the northwest corner of Louisiana.  Seeking balance for her love of art and the natural world, she earned her Bachelor degree in Studio Art and Geography from the University of Alabama.

Alise’s work explores her experiences, connections to nature and belief that all living beings deserve the right to live, love and be free. She has exhibited work in solo and group shows in Oakland and San Francisco and live-painted at events and festivals in California and the Fiji Islands. Through their joint project, EastRand Studios, Alise and her life and creative partner, Jack Eastgate, have designed for artists, activists, and nonprofits and have created murals in Oakland and Fiji.

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