I am an Oakland based visual artist, focusing in watercolor and acrylic painting. I am also an aspiring digital photographer and ukulele player. I was born in Europe, raised in Louisiana, and shaped by the places I've called home since, including Alabama, Mississippi, New Zealand, California, and the Fiji Islands. I earned my Bachelor degree in Studio Art and Geography from the University of Alabama in 2010. My work is inspired by my activism and my belief that all living beings deserve the right to live, love and be free. I use color and organic shapes to explore these ideas and relationships within overlapping cultures.

My life and creative partner, Jack Eastgate, and I paint and design collaborative work through our joint project, EastRand Studios. I've exhibited work in solo and group shows in Oakland and San Francisco and live-painted at events and festivals in California and the Fiji Islands. 

Thank you for visiting my online portfolio. Feel free to contact to me using the form below, or at alise.eastgate[at]gmail.com

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