Although the positioning of the pieces within the exhibition at times felt overwhelming, individual works still gave me pause. Alise Eastgate’s painting Freed-a is a beautiful pop of modernity and color that seamlessly honors Frida Kahlo, Black womanhood and mysticism in an exquisite mix of patterns.
— Luna Malbroux, KQED Arts, August 2, 2016
Eastgate’s painting is arguably the most powerful piece within the exhibit. The sorrowful yet effervescent memorial she created strikes a harrowing and memorable chord with the viewer. Eastgate furthers the power of this piece by taking inspiration from Diego Rivera’s “El Vendedor de Alcatraces” –– one of his most popular paintings. Through this connection, the painting represents an exchange and respect of different cultural styles and attributes.
— Maisy Menzies, The Daily Californian, September 6, 2018